# Why not vue-cli or nuxt.js ?

This boilerplate is opinionated, aiming to educate and empower users to essentially configure their own framework, ideally suited to their needs. It also includes as few libraries as possible to keep you flexible and to enable you to implement every product requirement that comes down the road.

Use cases for this boilerplate:

  • The requirements for the product might change and you want to maintain maximum flexibility and control.
  • You'd like to focus on developing skills that will transfer across any Vue project.
  • You're working in a large team, so you need tooling to help everyone avoid common mistakes, write in a consistent style, and avoid bikeshedding in PRs.

# Why are my properties not reactive?

In Vuex and on your component instance, properties must be defined in the initial state otherwise, they will not be observed for changes.

Please read the rules of reactivity.

# I don't need to build my own design system, can I use vuesion with a third-party UI framework?

Yes, you can! See this tutorial.

# I don't need server-side-rendering, can I use vuesion to build a single-page application?

Yes, here is the tutorial!

The following features are not available in the single-page application build:

  • App Config
  • Runtime Config

# The Dev Server keeps returning status code 500?

Run through the following steps to fix the issue:

  • Make sure your node version is above 8.16 optimal performance runs on 10.15.2 or latest recommended version.
  • Make sure your npm version is above 6.9 optimal performance runs on 6.10.2.
  • First if you have an instance of vuesion already running run npm i -D @vuesion/service@3.0.2 inside of the project root directory.
    • Then run npm run dev that will fix the issue.
  • Secondly starting from scratch will be the next option with the updated services and dependencies, by running npx @vuesion/create my-app --next to create your new vuesion project.
    • Then run npm run dev to see if it works, run npm run build -- --debug if it doesn't work or gives an error. If you want to see all details or alternatives you can visit here to find other related issues.

# I get the message warn: unsupported route: /client/[hash].hot-update.json; error: {"code":404} during development

Sometimes, you get this message because you have an instance of vuesion running in the browser and you restarted the dev-server. In this case, you reload the browser tab and the hot-module-reloading is again connected to the dev-server.


If hot-module-reloading works, you can ignore this messages. It only shows that the logging on the server-side works


If your app doesn't reload, even after refreshing the browser tab and restarting the dev-server. Then you probably ran the app in production mode at some point on localhost:3000 and a service-worker was installed.

Please uninstall the service-worker and refresh the browser tab.