# Progressive-Web-App

Vuesion comes with an integrated service worker which makes it a so-called progressive-web-app. It enables the users of your app to install it on their home-screen and use the app offline.

By default, vuesion caches all assets, webpack chunks and the HTML of the index (/) route.

If you want to change the default behavior, have a look in the file ./src/client/sw.ts.


let assetsToCache = [...assets.map((path: string) => '/client' + path), '../', '../manifest.json'];


The service-worker implementation is based on the serviceworker-webpack-plugin.

We have chosen this plugin over the Offline-Plugin because it gives much more freedom to the developer how the service worker should behave for the specific app.

Further reading

If you have issues with the service worker and how the cache works, have a look at this gist.

It nicely explains the pitfalls with service workers in development mode and the cache invalidation.