# Clean up

At this point, your project contains a lot of code that is just for demo purposes.

We recommend that you delete this code because your use-cases will be completely different from the demo use-cases.

# Directories and Files

Directories and files that we would recommend to delete:

└── src
    ├── app
    │   └── example
    └── server
        └── routes
            ├── CounterRoutes.ts
            └── DemoRoutes.ts

# Code

Now you have to remove references to these modules. Remove the following code in the following files:


import { CounterRoutes } from './example/counter/routes';
import { FormRoutes } from './example/form/routes';
import { DashboardRoutes } from './example/dashboard/routes';





import { ICounterState } from './example/counter/state';


  counter?: ICounterState;


And the server-side routes:


import { DemoRoutes }       from './routes/DemoRoutes';
import { CounterRoutes }    from './routes/CounterRoutes';


 * routes to demonstrate the possibilities of vuesion
 * can be removed if you don't need them in your application

# Verification

Now you have a clean app and you can start creating your own application.

You should still see the vuesion home page if you open up http://localhost:3000. But other routes should redirect to the /not-found page.

Does it still work?

To verify that your changes did not break something, run npm test.