# Stay up to date

# Get the latest changes

If you want to keep your copy of vuesion up to date follow these steps:

  • check that you use a Version Control System for your app (e.g. github, gitlab, butbucket, etc.)
  • clear your change list
  • create a new branch
  • run npm run update

The update script will compare your current copy of vuesion with the latest copy on vuesion/vuesion:master.

It will create, delete, add or modify all the files that are different.

It is basically the same as if you would rebase your project on top of vuesion/vuesion:master. But usually, it is not possible to rebase since you do not keep the history of vuesion in your own app.

# Merge with your local changes

Now you see the changes in your changelog:

  • go through all the files and merge your changes (revert the parts that would break your app)
  • run the tests and lint your project: npm run test && npm run lint
  • start the app

If everything works, commit your changes and merge it into your master.

If not, you might want to update manually by comparing your local copy with the CHANGELOG.

# Major version upgrades

Our vision is to provide upgrade scripts for every major version, which will update the files and code in the future.