Vuesion is a boilerplate that helps product teams build faster than ever with fewer headaches and modern best practices across engineering & design.

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Quick scaffolding

Create components, connected components, modules - and their tests - right from the CLI

Instant feedback

Enjoy the best DX and code your app at the speed of thought! With HMR for client and server

Enterprise ready

Common style guide, TypeScript and the best test setup guarantee code quality and non-breaking changes


SEO (document head tags management) and server-side-rendering for search engines

Industry-standard i18n support

Scalable apps need to support multiple languages, easily add and support multiple languages


Offline-first support with service-workers and a lighthouse score as high as possible

Customizable Design System

Includes a blueprint for a 100% customizable Design System with a huge amount of components

Routing with data prefetching

Server-side-rendering of prefetched data and state-transfer from server to client


Allows interactive development, testing and sharing of UI components in various property states

Predictable state management

Centralised state management with VueX.

Tons of already implemented use-cases

e.g. HttpService with interceptors, vuex persist middleware, redirect scenarios, configs for different environments, etc.


Carefully written docs to on board new team members as quickly as possible