# Production build

Your production app should be fast and optimized.

# With server-side-rendering

In order to optimize your app for production, run the command npm run build.

This will optimize your app as follows:

# SPA with static generated HTML files

If you don't need server-side-rendering, yet. You can use the npm run build:spa command to generate a single-page-application.

This will optimize your app as follows:

Not all Nuxt.js features are available with nuxt generate

Have a look at the Nuxt.js generate (opens new window) documentation.

# Analyze your bundles

Sometimes your bundles are just too big and you have no idea why.

A tool to find out which parts of your bundles are too big is the webpack-bundle-analyzer (opens new window) plugin for webpack.

To use this tool and get an overview of your bundles, run npm run build:analyze.

This will display the following overview and lets you identify large bundles: