# Setup

# Code

# Prerequisites

  1. Install Node.js version 14
    1. If you have Node.js already installed check your version with node --version
    2. Project may not work with other versions of Node.js, please report any issues here (opens new window)
    3. To easily change the Node version we recommend to use the n package (opens new window)
      1. Run npm i -g n
      2. Run sudo n v14
      3. Check your Node version with node --version
  2. Get an IDE, we recommend Webstorm (opens new window) or Visual Studio Code (opens new window) with the Volar plugin (opens new window)
  3. Configure your Code Editor for Prettier (opens new window) to automatically get code-formatting
  4. Style your IDE (Optional)
    1. Webstorm (opens new window)
    2. Visual Studio Code (opens new window)

# Installation

Running npx globally on Windows

If you have any trouble with installing vuesion on Windows. This might help trouble-shooting: https://github.com/zkat/npx/issues/146 (opens new window)

  1. Run npx @vuesion/create [project-name], for example npx @vuesion/create my-app
  2. Change directory cd [project-name], for example cd my-app
  3. Install dependencies npm install

# Figma

Figma is a web-based graphics editing and user interface design app. You can use it to do all kinds of graphic design work from wireframing websites, designing mobile app interfaces, prototyping designs and everything in between.

# Prerequisites

  1. Get a free Figma account (opens new window)
  2. Log in to your Figma account (opens new window)

# Installation

  1. Got to the Vuesion Core Community File (opens new window)
  2. Click on Duplicate in the upper right corner