# NPM Scripts

Script Description
dev Run application in development mode and server component
storybook:dev Run Storybook in development mode
test Run unit tests with jest
generate Add new component, Page, vuex-module or interface to the project
type-gen:gql Generate TypeScript types from your GraphQL queries and mutations
type-gen:swagger Generate TypeScript types from a swagger.json file
extract-i18n-messages Extract default i18n message from source code
test:watch Run unit tests with jest in watch mode
e2e Run e2e tests with cypress.io
lint Lint project files
clean Clean up project files
storybook:build Generate static files from Storybook
update Update the project to the latest Vuesion version
prettier Format project files with prettier
release:major Release a new major version of the project
release:minor Release a new minor version of the project
release:patch Release a new patch version of the project
build Build the project for production with server component
build:analyze Analyze the client bundle
build:spa Build the project for production without server component
start Run the compile server component in production mode
ci Script for integrating with the CI/CD service