# Introduction

The goal of Vuesion is to increase the speed of product development. It's main purpose is to be able to quickly validate product ideas and iterate fast in order to pivot when neccessary. This boilerplate takes advantage of Nuxt.js and its vast ecosystem and glues together modern best practices across engineering & design.

For example, we use the Nuxt.js modules for generic functionality, but we also provide solutions to problems that appear by integrating with other Nuxt.js modules.

We also provide a design-system that you can customize 100% to fit your brand identity. Out of experience, we decided against an existing UI library or UI Framework. We learned that they only work to a certain degree and quickly start to slow down the product validation process.

In order to come up with a genuine product, it is often necessary to have a very specific design language and the number of phrases like "I cannot change that because the library does not support it." increases quickly.

Vuesion gives you the most common use-cases and components - The code is all yours to modify and build upon.

No Excuses

The limitations of your product are up to the imagination of the designers and your ability to implement their feature requests.

This is an ever-evolving project, if you want to help, or you have an idea how to improve this project - feel free to file an issue (opens new window)